About the site

The Baltimore Watchdog is an experimental news website that will feature stories about Baltimore County written by Towson University journalism students. The site is designed to give students real-life news reporting experience. Some stories will be aggregated from other sources, such as the Baltimore Sun or local TV stations. The site is being edited by Dr. John Kirch, an assistant professor of journalism and new media at Towson University. The site is not run by Towson University. Please send Dr. Kirch an e-mail at jkirch@towson.edu if you have any questions or concerns or if you need to correct any errors in fact. Thank you for visiting us.

Editor-in-chief: John Kirch (jkirch@towson.edu)

Editor: Tamara Henry (tmhenry@towson.edu)

Sports Editor: Elia Powers (epowers@towson.edu)