Residents complain about loud Towson students

By Sierra Underdue
Baltimore Watchdog Staff Writer

Members of the Towson community last week expressed their outraged by the continuous disruption caused by Towson University students living nearby and the landlords that lease the properties to them.

The resident spoke at a town hall meeting at the First Lutheran Church off Burke Avenue, where citizens in the Towson area gathered to express their concerns about crime and code enforcements.

The meeting was spearheaded by state Sen. Jim Brochin, D-42nd District, Del. Steve Lafferty, D-42nd District, and Councilman David Marks, R-Fifth District, with representatives from the Baltimore County Police Department.

Officer Amanda Hailey from the Baltimore County Police Department started with an update into the most recent crimes in the area as well as ways citizens can protect themselves.

Residents said they were upset at Towson University students who they believe to be disrespectful of the surrounding community. They said students violate noise and parking policies in the areas surrounding Cardiff and Donnybrook apartments.

“A $42 fine is an insult to the community. We’re tired of it,” said Greg Bauer, the president of Burkleigh Square Community Center.

Brochin and Marks encouraged people to write letters to the head of the district court and continue to call the police so the appropriate citation is issued.

“I thought it went well,” said one attendee, Maria Klusawitz. “We had the delegate and Jim Brochin. I’m glad we had political representation and it sounds like everyone knows what they’re supposed to do.”

“I thought it was really effective,” Brochin said. “Anytime we can take the community and connect it with people meant to solve their problems is very effective. My big takeaway, is that there is more frustration in the community in regards to the parking situation and the housing situation in Towson than I thought there was. I thought a lot of it had been resolved but apparently it hasn’t been and there is a lot of frustration that should have been handled sooner. We have to get in front of the Towson University administration and make them more accountable.”


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