Residents complain to council about animal shelter noise

By Brittney Everett
Baltimore Watchdog Staff Writer

About 30 members of the Kimberly Farms Neighborhood and Homeowners Association in Dundalk appeared before the County Council Monday to  complain about the noise and light pollution from the recently opened Baltimore County Animal Shelter located across from their community.

Homeowners presented the council with a video showing excessive noise levels from barking dogs coming from the BCAS, which residents said was louder than traffic volumes from the Beltway.

The community members were in an uproar when, two minutes into the video, Councilman Julian E. Jones, Jr., D-District 4, asked the homeowner to turn down the volume because it was very loud.

Shouting erupted with comments directed to the council such as, “If you are getting annoyed by it after two minutes, imagine hearing the barking all day long and living with it.”

The Council members agreed that immediate action was needed to solve the problem.

“The noise has been measured at 75 decibels, which is equivalent to an orchestra in a small chamber,” said Councilman Wade Kach, R-District 3, adding that a wall with noise-drowning panels is needed.  “The people in the neighborhood should not have to live this way.”

Community residents declined to comment outside the meeting.

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