Police horse stable welcomes new member

The Baltimore Police Department’s mounted unit is welcoming a new member to its ranks thanks to a contribution by the 7-Eleven convenience stores.

Mayor Catherine Pugh, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis and 7-11 spokesman Mike Kropkowski stood in front of a downtown Baltimore 7-11 Wednesday with a small crowd of city officials and mounted police to welcome the young Percheron draft horse nicknamed “Slurpee.”

Kropkowski said that 7-Eleven officials were looking to give back to the community so they asked police officials how they can help. When police said the department wanted to get another horse for the stables, 7-Eleven owners said, “Sign us up,” he said. Local 7-Eleven franchisees came up with the $6,000 to purchase the horse.

Names for the horses came down to two choices: Slurpee or Big Gulp. Slurpee ultimately won out, said Kropkowski.

A decade ago the company purchased a similar horse with the same name, officials said.

“You know, Slurpee is synonymous with 7-Eleven, so what a great way to have some fun and interact with the community that way,” Kropkowski said.

-Jerice Boston

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