A system in limbo: Maryland’s dragging medical marijuana program and its stakeholders

By Jacob Ulick
Baltimore Watchdog Staff Writer

As Amy Mellen sat outside on a sunny day in a suburb just outside the nation’s capital, she took a few puffs from a vape pen filled with CBD oil in between describing her former self as the typical “good girl.”

“I went to college, got a degree, got married, and had a family. The American dream is what everybody’s going for right?”

Right. But hormonal migraines that began with the pregnancy of her second daughter led to her being put on a regimen of 20 Percocet a month in addition to occasional Demerol and Phenergan shots. Then in 2006, Mellen was involved in a rollover car accident, caused by a mechanical issue with the vehicle, which forced her car to roll three times with her head hitting the pavement with each roll and leaving her left hand hanging by a small amount of tissue. That dream was put on hold. Continued.

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