Gas prices are on the rise

Just a few weeks ago, local gas prices were under the $2 mark at almost every gas station in Baltimore. Now, the prices are starting to rise.

According to AAA, gas prices have risen from about $1.95 in March to about $2.09 today.

A 14-cent increase in gas can have its effect on everyday life for local residents.

“The increase [in gas price] is making me pay more at the pump than I normally would,” said Paul Enderson, a Towson resident. “If the prices continue to go up, I am going to have to watch what I purchase and make sure I have enough to fill up.”

Why is there an increase in gas prices?

“Many refineries are conducting seasonal maintenance, which has led to a decline in fuel production,” said Michael Green, the director of public relations for AAA. “In addition, refineries are preparing to produce summer-blend gasoline.”

“This blend of gasoline is mandated by the EPA and is less prone to evaporate and contribute to air pollution in warmer temperatures,” Green said. “Retailers in many parts of the country are required to sell this summer-blend of gasoline by June 1, and leading up to this deadline, refineries and storage facilities also adjust their supply in order to comply with the regulation.”

Just recently, gas prices in local areas were getting as low as $1.70 per gallon.

“I spent around $20 on my last fill up. Now I’m spending close to $35,” said Carole Potter, a Baltimore resident. “The money difference can add up over time and it can end up hurting my bank account more than I want it to.”

— Don Fielder





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